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How Do I Know If a Wine Has Gone Bad?

Here is today’s assignment: Track down a piece of cardboard. The size does not matter. It could be from a just-purchased packaged dress shirt, or the back of a notepad… wherever. Next, soak it in water for about 10 minutes.

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To Decant or Not To Decant? That Is the Question

When I was living in Chicago during the first 14 years of the new millennium, I had a chance to visit Charlie Trotter’s just once before the famous restaurant was shut down by its infamous namesake owner. One reason I

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The Science of Wine Tasting

There is a great deal of science that goes into the making of wine. Of course, it begins in the vineyard with the choice of rootstocks, grafting, training and trellising, canopy management, pruning methods, growth regulators, frost protection and so

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At-Home Wine-Tasting Tips

Home is the place where we should be able to do pretty much whatever we want in whatever way we want… right? Of course… as long as we’re not breaking any laws. That said, it would be a crime to

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