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Vegan Wine!

There are so many different kinds of wine today — and we’re not talking just about the array of varieties and blends from the various microclimates and wine regions of the world’s many winemaking countries. Among other “styles” of wine,

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Favorite Wines of the Top Celebrities

“Showman P.T. Barnum set the stage for modern celebrity culture by opening the curtain on mass entertainment in the mid-19th century,” wrote Amy Henderson in an essay. “He dazzled in an era before technology could ‘broadcast’ performance — before the

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Time to Celebrate National Wine Day — It’s Tomorrow!

For those who work Monday through Friday, I have good news: National Wine Day falls on a Friday — tomorrow, to be specific. So unless you have someplace to be early Saturday morning, you can stay up a little later

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How Much Do Scores on Wines Matter?

Some people are downright vitriolic in their disdain for scores being assigned to wines. “You wouldn’t assign a score to a painting, would you?” is a common refrain. “Or to a piece of music?” Painters and musicians engage in forms

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