Red Wine Bath: A Grape Experience in the Big Apple

spaThere are spa treatments… and then there are spa treatments.

Did you know there are places you can go and soak in red wine? One such place is AIRE in New York City, which offers “The Wine Bath Experience.”

According to the spa’s website, experience spans three hours. The details:

“Designed exclusively for AIRE Ancient Baths, this is a unique and unforgettable experience that offers the opportunity to submerge yourself completely in the antioxidant properties of the Spanish Tempranillo grapes.

“This experience includes the Ancient Thermal Bath circuit through baths at different temperatures (hot, cold, warm, ice), the jets bath, the Laconicum (Steam Room with aromatherapy), and the Flotarium (Salt Water Bath), as well as the relaxation area to rest on warm marble.

“The ritual includes exclusive access to the Wine Bath for 30 minutes. This portion of the experience happens in a private room in which you will soak in an antique venetian well of the XVII century. During this time you will receive a 15-minute cranio-facial massage.

“Afterward, an intoxicating, hour-long massage with grapeseed oil will transport your mind to another place while your body benefits from its purifying and invigorating effects.”

AIRE adds that this is not merely a luxurious experience. The spa says there are skincare benefits as well.

“The polyphenols from red grapes are some of the most effective natural antioxidants, with numerous studies that back their use in the field of cosmetics and skincare,” its website notes.

“It is scientifically proven that the polyphenols have an elevated antioxidant capacity, higher than that of vitamins C and E. They help neutralize free radicals, the main cause for premature skin aging. Additionally, they act as substances that protect the skin’s components, preventing the oxidation of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as anything else that may come in contact with them.

“When this experience is over, the result will be an extremely soft, smooth and bright skin, accompanied by a feeling of extreme relaxation.”

AIRE charges $450 for this experience — if you go on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If you decided to go on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it will cost you $100 more.

Obviously, soaking in red wine isn’t for everyone. Personally, I’d rather drink it. But if you’re looking for a little self-indulgence that involves our favorite adult beverage, “The Wine Bath Experience” may be for you.

It’s a grape experience in the Big Apple.


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