Favorite Wines of the Top Celebrities

tuesday“Showman P.T. Barnum set the stage for modern celebrity culture by opening the curtain on mass entertainment in the mid-19th century,” wrote Amy Henderson in an essay.

“He dazzled in an era before technology could ‘broadcast’ performance — before the advent of the recording, radio, and motion picture industries; before the heyday of advertising; before the mass distribution of photography in rotogravure sections of the Sunday newspapers.”

Today, America obsesses on its celebrities, wanting to know every detail of their lives — including what kind of wine they like to drink. Those “details” are easier to uncover than ever thanks to Internet search engines and various social media platforms.

With just a little bit of online “investigation,” we were able to learn the favored wines of the following 10 celebrities. In some cases, we “uncovered” their favorite color of wine (white versus red). In others, we garnered much more specific information.

If your favorite celebrity isn’t on this list, simply Google their name and “wine,” and chances are good you’ll find out something you didn’t know about them. And isn’t that what America’s celebrity obsession is all about?

  • Katie Lowes (Scandal) — spotted sipping a glass of Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) while on a trip to Barcelona.
  • Ashley Tisdale — rosé, disclosed on Instagram.
  • Tracee Ellis Ross (Blackish) — undisclosed red wine, identified through a bathtub selfie.
  • Shemar Moore (S.W.A.T.) — undisclosed white wine, identified through a video of himself dancing with his shirt off.
  • Dua Lipa (“New Rules” singer) — undisclosed red wine, identified through an Instagram post of her “vineyard vacation.”
  • Alexa Ray Joel — Vermentino, as noted in a photo of herself at Lilia in Brooklyn.
  • Michael Strahan (Good Morning America) — Pinot Noir.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar — rosé.
  • Drake — Moscato. (He even sang about it and helped introduce it to a whole new audience.)
  • Paul Stanley (Kiss) — Australian Shiraz.
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