Vegan Wine!

thursdayThere are so many different kinds of wine today — and we’re not talking just about the array of varieties and blends from the various microclimates and wine regions of the world’s many winemaking countries.

Among other “styles” of wine, you may also encounter:

  • Natural wines — Made with minimal chemical or technological intervention, and that goes for both in the vineyard and in the cellar. There has been something of a natural wine movement in France in recent years, although I’ve found such wines — because they are not filtered to remove perceived impurities — to be an acquired taste.
  • Kosher wines — The definition of “kosher” varies widely when it comes to winemaking. In general, however, it could be said that a kosher wine is one produced according to Judaism’s dietary laws.
  • Vegan wines — We have a young vegetarian in the family (my granddaughter is 13 years old), and that can be challenging enough when preparing meals. Over time, I’ve gained a great deal of experience in pairing wine with vegetarian dishes — mainly so we don’t have to prepare two meals. I know that pairing wines with dishes that are vegan friendly would present a whole new set of challenges.

What I didn’t know is that there are vegan wines. Following vegan guidelines, these are wines that do not use animal products — gelatin, egg whites, milk products, fish bladders — for fining.

These also are wines made from grapes grown in vineyards where no animal products are used in the fertilizers.

I like to think of them as natural or organic wines taken to the Nth degree. And they are out there for folks really interested in tracking them down.

We’ve compiled a list of a handful of our personal favorite vegan wines:

Me? My next job is to start working on a few vegan dishes… just in case my granddaughter decides to take that next step.

I’ll worry about the wine pairings for those dishes later…

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