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International Albariño Day Celebrates an Underappreciated Variety

A little longer than 11 years ago in this blog, we asked the question, “Will Albariño be the next big thing in wine?” It had been a big thing in the Rias Baixas region of Galicia in Spain for generations.

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A Toast to the Toast

I attended the wedding of my lovely goddaughter last month, and there were a number of toasts proposed at the reception. A week earlier, I’d attended an awards banquet. There, too, toasts were in abundance. Each New Year’s Eve, we

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Biodynamic Wines: Earthly-Friendly Alternatives

It’s one of those “buzz words” in the world of wine that simultaneously creates a lot of excitement and a certain degree of controversy. The word: Biodynamic. The excitement stems from the idea that Biodynamic wines are made in a

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How to Get Those Red Wine Stains Out

If you drink enough red wine, it is pretty much inevitable: At some point in time, you will spill some on a piece of clothing. And if what happens to you is like what happened to me, that piece of

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Wineries Where Man’s Best Friend Are Welcome

When I mention Winery Dogs, I’m not taking about the classic-rockish “super group” of the same name, which is due to release its third album on August 4. No, I’m talking about actual dogs at actual wineries — in some

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From Kegs to Bottles to Cans: The Evolution of Wine

I am not much of a beer drinker, and when I do drink beer, it’s almost always at a Japanese restaurant and drawn out of a tap. I rarely drink beer out of a bottle, and almost never drink it

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Pairing Summer Salads With Wine

During the summer months, I love nothing more than experimenting with different types of salads and then figuring out what type of wine pairs best with them. I have to admit that we take the easy way out when it

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How Rosé Became All the Rage

You may have noticed there’s a lot of “pink” wine adorning tables in everything from neighborhood bistros to high-end fine-dining restaurants these days. It wasn’t that way ten years ago, and the last time we saw so much pink in

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Pairing Wine With Barbecue — Just in Time for the 4th of July

Fill ’er up! Back in the days of full-service gas stations, that was the typical “order” of drivers to station attendants. These days, we “fill ’er up” on our own, for the most part, and lots of Americans will be

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