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Are You Ready for International Cabernet Day?

There would be no International Cabernet Day were it not for Chardonnay. What could one type of white wine possibly have to do with developing a special day for one type of red wine? More on that in a moment.

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The Natural Wine Craze: What’s It All About?

Every generation wants to make its mark, and in the world of wine, the spreading popularity of “natural wine” can be credited largely to the interest of Millennials. As Tom Madrecki, who has partnered in a pop-up wine bar in

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Does the Price of Wine Really Reflect the Quality?

It’s only logical to presume that a crystal bowl from Tiffany is going to be of higher quality than a glass bowl purchased at a 99 Cents Only Store — no disrespect to that wildly successful discounter. But what about

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Let’s Talk Bubbly: Champagne vs. Prosecco

You’ve just poured two flutes of bubbly wine — one a Champagne, one a Prosecco — and placed them next to each other on a table. They look pretty much the same, with streams of tiny bubbles cascading toward the

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