’Tis the Season For Wine Tasting

winetasting, tastingAs a public service, today’s blog will begin with a report from the National Weather Service. In case you already know how bad the weather is going to be over the next week or so, feel free to skip the report and scroll down to the rest of the blog.


Winter Storm Diego will spread a widespread mess of snow, sleet and freezing rain from the southern Plains to the Ozarks and the Southeast late this week into early next week.

Diego was named Wednesday evening with the expectation that its long swath of wintry precipitation will meet both the area and population thresholds used to trigger naming.

The storm system is currently producing lower-elevation rain and mountain snow from Southern California into parts of the Southwest.

From Friday into early next week, Diego will unleash its heaviest amounts of snow and ice as it moves farther eastward while interacting with cold air supplied by high pressure to its north. The snow and ice will cause significant travel disruptions from parts of the southern Plains into the Southeast. Ice accumulations in some areas may be heavy enough for tree damage and power outages as well.

Winter storm watches have been issued by the National Weather Service from parts of the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma to southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. Additional winter storm watches will likely be issued farther east along the path of Diego in the next day or so.


Now if that doesn’t just warm your heart, perhaps this will: There actually is a way to deal with the wrath of Mother Nature this week.

Actually, there are a couple of ways.

1. Visit a local winery. This suggestion applies if — and only if —the weather in your area allows. If local forecasters and/or government officials are urging you to stay home, by all means, stay home. But if it’s safe to get out and about, take the opportunity this weekend to visit a winery. Chances are good there will not be the kind of crowds you’d encounter during the summer months.

2. Stay home and open a bottle of Vinesse wine. Choose a favorite variety or blend and enjoy a glass or two next to the fireplace. Or serve it with a favorite wintertime dish. And be sure to toast the wisdom you exhibited by having several bottles of Vinesse wine on hand for just such an occasion.

While you’re at it, let the wicked weather week ahead be your motivation to stock up for what may be a very long winter. It’s always good to be prepared.

Stay warm… and stay safe!

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