3 New Year’s Wine Resolutions That Should Be Easy to Keep

champagneHappy New Year!

If you’ve kept all of your resolutions for 2019 thus far, congratulations!

On the other hand, if you’re like me, it’s time to start all over again. (Yes, I know it’s early… but I am weak.)

So I’ve come up with a few wine-related resolutions that should be easy to keep. Perhaps you’d like to give a couple of them a try, too?

  1. I resolve to give wines from little-known wine regions a try.

The World of Wine club kicked off the new year with a shipment of wines that included an amazing Merlot from… Brazil!

That South American country may be best known for the samba, World Cup triumphs and its 19 UNESCO World Heritage sites, but the 21st century could be when it finally takes its rightful place on the world wine stage.

The fact that the country is comprised of 3,287,612 square miles, making it the largest in South America, means that it is home to numerous microclimates that make possible the growing of countless grape varieties.

After being introduced to the 2016 Lidio Carraro “Agnus” Merlot, I’m resolving to seek out more wines from Brazil in 2019.

  1. I resolve to cook more.

Each Tasting Note that accompanies a wine from Vinesse includes a recommended food pairing — sometimes more than one.

As part of eating a healthier diet and losing some weight in 2019 — two resolutions I absolutely intend to keep — I plan to depend on restaurants less and the tools in my own kitchen more.

And I plan to use the food-pairing suggestions in those Vinesse Tasting Notes to enjoy not only wine-friendly fare, but also lots of dishes that will limit my caloric and sugar intake.

  1. I resolve to substitute two desserts per week for two extra glasses of wine.

This will be particularly challenging for me because I was born with a sweet tooth. But by substituting something I love just as much as sweets — a glass of wine — 104 times in the coming year, I will save untold calories, reduce my sugar intake, and make keeping my first wine-related resolution a whole lot easier.


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