Sometimes You’ll Find Wine in Unexpected Places

chocolate.jpgRonald Reagan was a big fan of jelly beans, and the Jelly Belly brand was his favorite.

The late President of the United States began eating Goelitz Mini Jelly Beans as part of his effort to give up pipe smoking during his run for Governor of California.

When Reagan was elected President, the Jelly Belly company created a blueberry-flavored jelly bean for his inauguration.

Yes, you can certainly pair jelly beans with wines that have similar flavors, although the sugar in the jelly beans can sometimes clash with dry wines.

That may be why one of the experiences offered at the Jelly Belly Visitor Center in Fairfield, California, is not jelly bean-and-wine tasting, but rather a “Chocolate and Wine Experience.”

The tasting combines confections from the Jelly Belly Chocolate Shoppe with wines from nearby Suisin Valley wineries. The pairings are inspired, and will put to rest any claims that wine and chocolate should never be paired.

The Chocolate and Wine Experience is offered daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and in addition to the five chocolate samples and five wine samples, participants will take home a souvenir wine glass with the Jelly Belly logo.

Not only that, but participants receive front-of-line access for the Jelly Belly factory tour once they’ve completed their tasting.

So, the next time you’re in Northern California, set aside some time to visit the Jelly Belly factory. It’s a wonderful place to learn about jelly beans… chocolate… and wine.


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