Grab a Great Meal (and Some Good Wine!) Before the Big Game

blur-close-up-cutlery-370984After checking in with friends from Foxborough, Massachusetts, and Los Angeles,
California, we have a pretty good idea of where people will be going for dinner
before the big game on Super Bowl Sunday.


Foxborough is the home of the American Conference champion New England
Patriots, one of the most successful teams in the history of the National Football

Los Angeles is the home of the National Conference Los Angeles Rams, which
returned to Southern California in 2016 after bolting for St. Louis in 1995. All is now
forgiven, however. It’s amazing how winning heals all wounds.

We contacted a couple of friends — one who lives near Foxborough, and one who
lives in L.A. — and asked them where football fans would likely be gathering for a
pre-game pre-celebration. Both named a number of sports bars, but we were
looking for something a little more… for lack of a better word… dignified.

“Oh, you mean a place that serves good wine!” our friend from Massachusetts said.
“Is this for your blog?

“Well, what if it is?”

“Okay, I’ll tell you where I’d go: Davio’s. Great steaks. They started in the Back Bay
area [of Boston], and now they have a spot at Patriot Place.”

Upon further investigation, they also have a couple other locations in Massachusetts
(Chestnut Hill and Lynnfield), as well as restaurants in Philadelphia, Atlanta and

Davio’s is a northern Italian steakhouse offering everything from an 8-ounce prime
skirt steak ($27) to a 30-ounce prime Porterhouse ($75). If you love big red wines
and flavorful steaks, this would be a fabulous pre-game destination.

Not surprisingly, we received a very different recommendation from our friend (and
Rams fan) in Los Angeles. She suggested the Water Grill, specifically the downtown
location that opened in 1989.

There, the emphasis is on seafood. Our friend swears by the Cioppino ($37), and also
loves the Wild Pacific Bigeye Tuna ($38). The wine list is brimming with inspired white-wine selections, including Gruner Veltliner, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon
Blanc, Albariño and Chardonnay.

Grabbing a great dinner — including some great wine — before the big game will
leave you satisfied and happy… whether your team ultimately wins or not.

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