So Many Reasons to Be Grateful for Wine

kelsey-chance-575541-unsplashPerhaps the greatest lesson I’ve learned in life — so far, anyway — is to be grateful.

It’s a mindset that makes dealing with seemingly big setbacks a whole lot easier. When we can be thankful for what and whom we have in our lives, it’s tough to feel down for long.

And so it is with wine. Even when I encounter the occasional corked (spoiled) bottle, I’m grateful there’s another bottle on the rack to replace it.

Wine, in general, provides numerous reasons for thankfulness. Allow me to share a few with you…

  • Wine brings people together. Genders. Generations. Cultures.
  • Wine is the perfect dinner beverage. It complements a wide spectrum of cuisine.
  • Wine is part of a healthful lifestyle. Study after study has shown that moderate consumption of wine brings with it numerous health benefits.
  • Wine sparks conversation.
  • Wine is full of surprises. I love discovering a $15 bottle that tastes better than a $50 bottle.
  • Wine is made in all 50 states. True, some states produce better wine than others, but now all Americans can experience a truly “homemade” (if not always “home-grown”) bottle of vino.
  • Hundreds of wineries are open to the public for touring and tasting.
  • Wine delights the senses, offering a wide array of aromas, textures and flavors for one to experience.
  • Wine ages more gracefully than do some of our friends.
  • Wine can range from dry to sweet, and from subtle to in-your-face.
  • Wine can be light-bodied, medium-bodied or full-bodied, making it appealing to almost any palate.
  • The making of wine can be pure art, a technological wonder, or parts of both. The winemaker has many tools at his or her disposal.
  • Wine contains less alcohol than most other adult beverages.
  • Wine brightens a summer picnic, and heightens a concert in the park.
  • Wine is the perfect beverage for toasting a promotion, a retirement, or a bride and groom.
  • Even mediocre wine is good for cooking.
  • Winegrowing areas are some of the most beautiful places on Earth.
  • Many restaurants allow patrons to bring in their own wine. (Try bringing in your own chicken and see what happens!)
  • Wine can transform a date into a romance.
  • Wine can help you unwind after a long day at the office.
  • Wine can be used as the base for numerous creative drinks, from wine coolers to wine spritzers, and from Sangria to Mimosas.
  • And finally, wine sure makes Aunt Martha’s meatloaf taste better.
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