Betting on a Fun Wine Day This Super Bowl Sunday

ben-hershey-417746-unsplashSuper Bowl Sunday is just three days away.

For many Americans, that means participating in (technically illegal) “football squares,” and looking forward to a host of new (and produced to be remembered) TV commercials.

For others, it means placing a few bucks on the hundreds of “proposition bets” being offered by sports books — bets that traditionally make the casinos a boatload of cash.

Among the prop bets available for Sunday’s game between the Patriots and the Rams:

* What the longest touchdown pass will be (over/under 42.5 yards).

* First team to score in the game.

* Will the game go to overtime?

* Will either team use all six timeouts in regulation?

* Exact number of points scored by a specific team (select a number from 0 to 50 or more).

* Which player will score the first points?

Those types of bets add some fun to the game, but the overall odds are not in favor of those placing the bets. As one casino owner likes to say, “These Las Vegas mega-resorts weren’t built by winners.”

We’re planning to have some family and friends over this Sunday, and since my team didn’t even make the playoffs this year, I have no rooting interest in the game. Instead, I’ve come up with my own proposition bets that have to do with what might happen during our Super Bowl party.

As you’ve undoubtedly surmised, they all have to do with wine…

* Which guest will be the first to ask for a glass of Zinfandel and then be surprised when the wine is red?

* Which guest will be the first the claim they drink only dry wine, and then ask for a glass of Moscato?

* Which guest will be the first to try to pronounce Gewurztraminer?

* How many bottles will be consumed by the eight people in attendance?

* Will more bottles of white wine or red wine be consumed?

* How many guests will hold their glasses correctly (i.e., by the stem)?

No actual betting takes places. These imaginary proposition bets are strictly for my own amusement. Wine is a wonderful beverage that can elevate a meal to a culinary experience, but it also can be a lot of fun.

On Super Bowl Sunday, wine is for fun.

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