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This is the second of our sometimes regular “Three Thing Thursday” emails that share random tidbits of information that we find interesting. Hopefully, you will find them of interest as well!

States Whites…and Reds
I found this infographic surprising. I was expecting that the big wine producing states on the west coast would also have some of the highest rates of per capita wine consumption. I was wrong. Frankly, four of the top five states we not the ones I expected at all.

How does your state stack up?


Is Wine Gluten Free?
I recently was writing a blog post about vegan wines and readers expressed surprise that ALL wines aren’t vegan. Many are not. This article from the UK publication Decanter not only touches on whether wines are vegan but also talks extensively about whether wines are gluten-free.
You can access the whole article here

What I’ve Been Drinking Lately
It has been cool and damp here in California lately. Hence, food choices have been richer and heavier, and so have my wine pairings. I have especially been enjoying Spanish red wines made from the Monastrell grape. Monastrell is genetically the same as the French grape Mourvedre. Monastrell from Spain tends to be deep garnet in in color, and packed with intense flavors of that typically include black cherry, plums, blackberries and hints of licorice. Perfect to sip by a warm fire.

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