No Way Rosé

Hi everyone and Happy Thursday,

Big things are happening at Vinesse and we are so excited to share them. A new site, so many new benefits for Vinesse members, and what we’re (not!) drinking (yet).


Vinesse Acquires Touring & Tasting

vinesseVinesse officially welcomed the Touring & Tasting business to the corporate family in early 2019 and we’ve been champing at the bit to share the news with you. Touring & Tasting is a first class wine lifestyle magazine that dates back to very nearly when we started Vinesse. There is so much to share about this as we roll out features to Vinesse audience, including the print magazine, online videos and articles, an insiders club for special offers at wineries, custom wine tour concierge service, and more. In the meantime, please read more at the press release Vinesse Acquires Touring & Tasting.

New Year, New Web Site

It’s actually really rare for us to pick up our entire web site and just re-do it from scratch. We’ve only done it maybe 6 times in the history of our company since 1993. We just flipped the switch last week on our brand new site. Web sites are so fun to re-imagine and everyone at Vinesse got into it. The look is new, to go with our new logo, and most importantly, it’s far better on your phone and tablet. You will also find it’s faster. Since we are on a new platform, we will be adding features as we go and I’ll be announcing them here in this space. We have carried over all the user names and accounts, so please go take a look and let me know what you think – you can always find us at

No way Rosé

Like many of you, I subscribe to dozens of newsletters from wine shops, wineries, and online merchants. We always have to keep up on who is doing what, especially online. It’s always fun to see ideas we’ve come up with get “picked up” by other sellers. On March 1st, with snow on the ground in much of the U.S. still I saw one wine store’s full tilt promo for rosé wines. I understand rosé wine is on a huge popularity tear right now, but on March 1, It reminded me of those people in Chicago where I grew up who would wear shorts the first time the temperature went above 40. I get the point, but can we just maybe let the daffodils come out first? There will be plenty of time for rosé season, don’t worry! We have some great ones that we will be, ahem, sharing with you when it’s time.


Have a great weekend everyone,

Nick Perdiew
General Manager, Vinesse

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