Wine Pairing with French Fries?

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This week it’s my turn again. Here is a quick download from my desk to you:


What I’ve Been Drinking Lately

Wines from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Oregon produces only some 2% of the wine made in the U.S. It may surprise you that both New York and Pennsylvania each produce more wine than Oregon. So do Washington state and California, but I am certain that fact does NOT surprise you.

But #5 Oregon, sandwiched between the two behemoths on the west coast, makes wines that have captured the attention of wine drinkers and wine critics alike. I find it endlessly interesting how grape varieties express themselves differently based upon where they are grown, and the Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris being produced by Oregon’s vintners are world class. They strike a nice balance between the new world style wines being produced by their neighbors and the old-world style wines being produced across the Pond.

Supersize Me

The headline to this article pretty much says it all: If You’re Not Drinking Champagne with French Fries, You’re Doing It Wrong. (Although I would add, ditto for Potato Chips.) If you care to read more than just the headline though, click on the link below:


vinesseLet me introduce you to our Ivy, our Vinesse mascot, therapy dog and beggar to all who eat food in her presence at the Vinesse HQ. She is a four-year old Australian Labradoodle, bred to stand guard in front of wine cellars, as shown here…


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