How to Care for Glassware

glasses.jpgAnytime you host a big dinner (reminder: Easter is just around the corner!) or party, one thing is certain: There will be lots of wine glasses to wash.

The good news is that cleaning glassware actually is quite easy, because it’s more about the process than specific cleaning products.

A mild liquid detergent — one that rinses well — is all you really need. It’s important to avoid using harsh soaps and scouring pads.

Wash each glass by hand with the aforementioned mild liquid detergent and lukewarm water. Once the glass is clean, adjust the water temperature to warm, and simply rinse out the remaining detergent.

Some like to let their glasses air dry, but that’s generally not a good idea because it requires placing the glass upside down, and the rim is the most fragile part of the glass — easily chipped, even when the stem is handled with care.

It’s better to dry the glass immediately, while it’s still warm, using a linen towel or another type of lint-free towel. Use one hand to “cup” the bowl of the glass — with the glass sitting on the towel — and use your other hand to dry the inside of the glass with the towel.

Obviously, stemware made with thinner glass requires a gentle touch… or a smaller hand. You definitely don’t want the glass to break with your hand inside it.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have crystal clear glassware for that next special meal. (Did we mention that Easter will be here before you know it?)

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