How open are you to wine in a can?

Hello friends and happy Thursday- Here is a brief distillation of what we’re drinking, thinking, and talking about here at Vinesse in the last week or so. Enjoy the coming Memorial Day weekend and these Memorial Day items!

It’s a Rosé World

There’s definite feeling in the air and you probably shouldn’t fight it- it’s rosé season – big time. Every where you look it’s rosé to the rafters. So here’s one little piece of advice, look for recent vintages when shopping. A lot of stores out there are going to be trying to get rid of their 2017’s and even 2016’s. Try to find 2018’s or at least 2017’s as these wines are fresh in style and meant to be consumed young and fresh.


Cans Cans Cans

We have long debated the merits of wine in a can. The industry press is pretty sure we’re all ready for it. And like with premium wine in a box, tasting a really good wine in a can will open your thinking up to the possibilities. One thing is sure, however, it’s also “can” season now and in the summer. Wine in a can is especially good for when you have to lug heavy things a long way or when you’re in a place that forbids glass, like at the pool, beach or camping. Be careful, though, keep things safe by slowing the pace of drinking vs. everything else you drink from a can. We don’t stock it yet, but take a look at Jackhammer’s wine in a can for a good place to start. Please reply with your thoughts – how open are you to wine in a can?

What I’m Drinking

vinesseI’m swept up in it like everyone else I think, drinking Rosé for a nice early evening “Captain’s Hour” glass of wine on the porch, before the mosquitos get active. With so many to choose from, sometimes I choose the color shade I like best. The clouds take on a beautiful rosy color and it’s reflected in your glass, and you can just feel summer creeping in…

Enjoy the weekend, everyone.


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