The Perfect Wine for Your Favorite Sub

sandwichEver since I first became acquainted with Capriotti’s shops in Las Vegas, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with wines to pair with the chain’s famous Bobbie sandwich.

The Bobbie features sliced turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mayo. It’s basically Thanksgiving dinner on a bun.

I’ve tried virtually every type of wine you could think of with this sandwich, and I now have two favorites — one a red and the other a white.

The red is Pinot Noir, which is always a good choice with the kind of eclectic fare featured on Thanksgiving. The white is Gewurztraminer, which adds a little cool spice to the palate.

Now comes word that another favorite sandwich shop, Jimmy John’s, is taking sandwich-and-wine pairing to another level by offering its own wine to accompany a limited-edition sandwich called The Frenchie.

The Frenchie combines salami and capicola with slices of provolone and salted butter in a freshly baked French baguette. Not surprisingly, the wine selected to pair with The Frenchie is a Pinot Noir.

It hails from California’s Chalone appellation, and it demonstrates once again how versatile Pinot Noir is with food. (Remember which variety was the topic of the groundbreaking book, “Red Wine With Fish”?)

Unfortunately, you can’t get the wine at Jimmy’s John’s shops. That would require a whole lot of expensive licensing. The idea is for consumers to track down a bottle and then enjoy it at home with The Frenchie.

While on the topic of sub sandwiches and wine, I guess I should share my favorite pairing. Whenever possible, I like to support Firehouse Subs because part of the proceeds from each sale benefits first responders.

I really like Firehouse’s tuna sub, and a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc transforms a simple meal into a real treat.

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