Are You Ready to Pop the Top on a Can of Wine?

cannedwineIs the day coming when we may go to the supermarket for a six-pack of wine?

Nielsen Company statistics show a notable increase in canned wines from 2017 to 2018. In 2017, sales of canned wines amounted to $42 million. Last year, that figure jumped to $70 million.

It should be noted that canned wine continues to represent less than 1 percent of overall wine sales in America. But a trend is a trend, and it’s one about which winemakers are taking note.

According to Nielsen, canned wines are particularly attractive to Millennials, who appreciate them as an eco-friendly alterative to bottles. And as the buying power of Millennials continues to increase, they’re a demographic that no business can afford to take lightly.

Types of wine often found in cans are rosés, bubbly wines and spritzers. The cans are easy to carry in an ice bag, so they can be nicely chilled for a picnic.

In the past, there may have been concerns over a “metallic” taste, but modern cans and liners have alleviated those complaints. Cans also are easy to carry.

About the only “disadvantage” I can think of is that you can’t really swirl wine in a can so you can get a good whiff of its aroma. If that’s a deal breaker for you, simply pour the wine from the can into a wine glass.

For so many reasons, it appears that canned wine’s time has come. It probably never will replace bottled wine, but for many people, it makes a convenient alternative.


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