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Happy Thursday and Greetings from the Vinesse Wine Team

Please enjoy these musings on what we’re up to over here and like always, let us know you like and what you’re up to, too.

Medal Season

vinesseLast week, Vinesse participated in the Los Angeles International Wine Competition (LAIWC) and earned over a dozen medals for our current releases. This is one of the oldest and most prestigious wine competitions in the United States, celebrating its 80th year. Every year LAIWC receives thousands of entries, encompassing wine regions and winemakers from all over the world.

Michael Jordan, Master Sommelier, and honorary chair of the 2019 LAIWC, commented at the opening “When you share your troubles, you cut them in half; when you share your joys, you double them; when you share your wine, it makes life more delicious.” A new take on an old Swedish proverb, and we whole-heartedly agree!

How are wines judged in wine competitions?

vinesseEvery wine competition has different nuances, but the basics are universal. Wines will be grouped together for tasting based on key factors such as varietal, region, vintage and/or price point. The goal is to put as many similar wines together, so they can be compared/contrasted against one another. The wines are assigned a number and typically poured blind – in other words, the judges are unaware of the brand names and have no information aside from the basic category for the group. Once the judges have removed any wines with faults or flaws, they rank the wines according to universal quality markers – for example – the overall balance, how persistent is the fruit/wine flavor is through the finish, is the wine typical for its varietal / region.

What We’re Pouring

vinesseVinesse is looking forward to pouring some of our award-winning wines from this year’s LAIWC at the annual ‘Cheers at the Farm‘ tasting event on June 22nd. The event is held at The Farm on the Fairplex in Pomona and features award winning wine, beer, sake and olive oil from the competition. The Cheers event supports the Children’s Learning Center at the Fairplex in Pomona and over 180,000 community members through TLC community programs.


And have a great rest of your week,

The Vinesse Wine Team

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