Sleeping in a Wine Barrel with Sangria?!

May the 4th be with you Vinesse friends!

All of us at Vinesse are sending our best wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday, which will hopefully include some award-winning wines. Speaking of which…

Heavy Medal

vinesseWe are super proud of our wine sourcing team for bringing home a bunch of medals for Vinesse wines entered into the Los Angeles International Wine Competition last month.

The final tally was 3 Gold Medal Awards, 5 Silver Medal Awards and 3 Bronze Medal Awards. The gold medals went to our Cross Creek Central Coast Pinot Noir, West Ridge Winemakers Reserve Zinfandel, and Gracenote Russian River Pinot Noir, pictured here with their new hardware.

A Super Simple Sangria Hack

vinesseThis recipe requires three ingredients: wine, ice and cans of San Pellegrino fruit soda. And maybe a slice of fruit if you’re feeling all fancy. I have made more complex recipes for large family gatherings and have discovered that they are expensive, time-consuming, messy and intoxicating. This recipe mitigates all of those things, but still will ring your Sangria bell when you’re lounging around the patio or pool this summer.

Readily available cans of Pellegrino soda are the perfect surrogate for all those other ingredients. You get the sugar, the fruit and the bubbles. What you don’t get is the additional alcohol, which is a good thing since Sangria goes down very easily when it’s hot and sunny. The addition of an alcohol-free soft drink effectively decreases the alcohol by volume (ABV) of the resulting beverage. When used in equal parts, that knocks a 14% wine down by half, yielding a delicious beverage that will be around 7% ABV.

The recipe is simple. Equal parts Pellegrino and wine served over ice. If you’re making white Sangria I like to pair the white wine with complementary flavors of grapefruit (Pompelmo) or lemon (Limonata). For red Sangria, I pair red wine with orange flavors, of which there are two: Aranciata and Aranciata Rossa, the latter being the blood orange flavor. However, I admit that using the blood orange soda with white wine results in a really pretty salmon-colored concoction. If you’re feeling ambitious, garnish with a slice of citrus and maybe a sprig of mint.

Another nice thing about this recipe, and Sangria in general, is that it’s a great way to “re-purpose” wines that you might not otherwise fully enjoy. Maybe you have an open bottle that has gone a little off. Or maybe you have a bottle around that you are not particularly enjoying for whatever reason. When enhanced with magical Pellegrino elixir and transformed into a super simple Sangria, their imperfections are masked and the is a refreshingly quaffable summer sipper.

Sweet Dreams are Made of THIS

vinesseIf your idea of a pretty ideal vacation would be to sleep inside of cabin shaped like a giant wine barrel, in the middle of a vineyard in Portugal and drink in not only the beauty but some world class vino, we’ve got your hook up!

If you, like us, think this prompts the question, where do I sign up, you can find more details here.

Enjoy the dream. And enjoy your weekend, everyone.

Larry Dutra
Founder and CEO

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