Caprese, Valpolicella, and a big announcement

Hello everyone out there – I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. Here’s a short update on what we’re drinking, thinking, and linking at Vinesse. As always, I love to hear from you with your thoughts on what you’ve been enjoying.


Nick Perdiew, General Manager


The US Supreme Court made a big splash recently with the recent 7-2 Tennessee decision. For the last 20+ years, it’s been amazing to see the benefits of e-commerce in so many ways – from books to shoes and now even cars. Meanwhile, the forces who want to limit your access to wine have been extremely successful over the last two decades. That came to a screeching end three weeks ago when SCOTUS gave a broad and powerful rebuke the corrupt protectionist tactics states have employed for decades to keep you prisoner to drinking The Prisoner. It will take years for all the states to react with new laws but STAY TUNED!


vinessePut it in the fridge. When I drink red wine in the summer, I just put it in the fridge and cool it way down. I love the way the glass fogs up the way your sun glasses fog up when you walk outside into the humidity. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t enjoy a red wine cold. Here’s my Italian Valpolicella I had recently with a caprese. Not a conventional pairing or a convential caprese, but I’m keeping it real!


Viola! Our Vinesse Wine Shop is back online! Please come take a look and LET ME KNOW what you think. So much love and work goes into making and selecting these wines for you from the whole world of options. I am very proud of our whole team – the wine team, the IT and Martech team, the marketing folks, the photographers and Bob our tasting note writer – It’s a joy to see it all come together. So come give it a whirl and shop!

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