Wine: Switzerland

In next Tuesday’s blog, we’re going to share some (hopefully) useful information about Switzerland’s best-kept secret: the country’s wonderful wines.

Wine — from Switzerland?!?

It’s true.


The reason we know so little about Swiss wine is that so little of it finds its way outside the country. That means the best way to experience it is to visit Switzerland, check out the better restaurants, such as Opus in Lucerne, or spend some time at one of the countless wine bars, such as Chez Rada in Engelberg.

Once you’re actually in Switzerland, Swiss wine isn’t hard to find. Keep your eye out for words such as “vinothek” or “weinstub,” and also do what I do when I visit a country where there’s a language barrier: Look for pictures of wine glasses, wine bottles and grapes.


Just as they are with wristwatch construction, the Swiss are meticulous when it comes to displaying their wine, so simply keep your eyes open, look for those key words, and don’t be surprised when you run into cabinets — stocked deep with wine bottles — in places you’d least expect them, such as hotel lobbies.

On Tuesday, we’ll take a look at where Switzerland’s wine grapes are grown, the most popular varieties, what makes Swiss wine culture unique, and what to eat with Swiss wine.

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