Dogs, Dorian, and Desk Concerts

Hello Fellow Wine Enthusiasts,

When I started Vinesse with a friend in 1993, it was inspired by a frustration that much of the wine that found its way to store shelves and restaurant wine lists were uninspired and ignored 95% of the vast options available in the world. I was restless to discover ALL the world of wine had to offer – and share it with others. That is how our company was born.

One of the things I like best about the wine business is it is filled with passionate people. It’s no surprise that they are passionate about wine, just like the awesome team we have here at Vinesse. But they also tend to be passionate about other things, chief among them dogs, music and doing good deeds. That’s the theme for today’s email.


Good Sounds

Since before I discovered wine, I have been a big fan of popular music and it recently occurred to me how much music discovery has in common with wine discovery. There are myriad artists making great art, and I am equally restless to discover ones that resonate with me, and with my wine!

One of my favorite places to listen to emerging and relatively undiscovered artists is on and their Tiny Desk Concerts. Follow the link to listen to their most recent one, which features the artist The Tallest Man on Earth. My youngest son first introduced him to me.

Good Deeds

vinesseLast month I was able to attend a fundraiser for Last Hope K9 Rescue, which has placed nearly 8,000 dogs in shelters with families across the U.S. As the owner of a rescue, I was proud that Vinesse was one of the sponsors for the event. If you want to learn more about the organization, click on the link below the picture of the sweet boy waiting to be placed in his fur-ever home.

Like many of you, I have been transfixed watching the storm track of Hurricane Dorian and am grateful that much of the U.S. was spared. The Bahamas was not as fortunate. The devastation there is heart-wrenching. Vinesse made a donation to the American Red Cross today and I am including the link if you are interested in doing the same.

Good Destinations

vinesseLastly, and on a more upbeat note, enjoy the Decanter article on 10 wine regions that have been awarded UNESCO Heritage Site status. See which ones you have visited (I checked four, but need to get to my family’s ancestral home of the Azores) and start making a list of those you want to check out on your next vacation.

There is even a site right here in the U.S.!

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

Larry Dutra
Founder and CEO

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