Gold Medals, Mother Nature and Autumn Sipping

Happy Thursday and Hello from the Vinesse Wine Team,

Please enjoy these musings on what we’re up to as we kick off the fall season and like always, let us know you like and what you’re up to, too.


It’s the Most ‘Golden’ Time of the Year

vinesseWe were super excited to see that the New York International Wine Competition loved our wines as much as we do! Of the 12 medals Vinesse won, the pièce de résistance was TWO individual Gold Medal Winners that also won Gold Medals for Winery of the Year –

  • Central Coast Syrah Winery of the Year
    2017 Braxton Hall Reserve Syrah, Central Coast California
    Our notes: Inky color, black cherry, red berry nose with layers of cedar, spice and toasty wood. Full body, rich and round on the palate, layers of black cherry truffle and black fruit berries. Excellent structure and layers of toast, cedar, vanilla, baking spice wood, coconut and toast on the end. Pair with a delicious meal of soy-lime marinated seared skirt steak, street tacos.
  • Bordeaux Winery of the Year
    2017 Les Charmes du Roy, Bordeaux France
    Our notes: Ruby red color, notes of cherry, blackberry and plums, with a touch of clay and pencil. Moderate ripeness, touch of sweet fruit at the front, tannins in check, medium body. Has a nice savory note in the mid-palate. Enjoy alongside french onion soup with cheesy gratin.

Wine County Update

vinesseLast week a small fire broke out in Napa Valley – luckily it was put it out quickly, but we were all holding our breath for a few hours. Just two years ago, our main production facility narrowly escaped the Tubbs fire that burned from Calistoga to Santa Rosa. Aside from the regular harvest craziness, everyone is on high alert, watching for the hot ‘devil winds’ that kick up in the fall.

Hopefully Mother Nature will be bountiful, but sometimes even wineries that escape the path of fire may have to deal with issues of smoke taint. The California Association of Wine Grape Growers is working together with growers in Washington, Oregon and the Wine Institute to better understand smoke taint: to determine how much smoke exposure can occur before there are problems; how the compounds affect the wine; and/or what can be done in the vineyard or winery to fix the problems.

New relief for growers affected by fires the past few years is coming from Congress, who recently passed a bill that assists with disaster and crop insurance. The resulting program, called WHIP, Wildfire and Hurricanes Indemnity Program, is run by the US Department of Agriculture. Additionally, the House of Representatives just passed a bill for the research of smoke exposure on viticulture.

Fall Sippings

vinesseFall is the time we turn towards richer, heartier, more flavorful dishes and the wines that show them off. In particular, one of our fall favorites is duck – confit, roasted, seared, paté – honestly, we love them all. For a main course, a pan-seared duck breast with properly rendered fat and a wild cherry reduction with roasted root vegetables, goes heavenly with an earthy, savory, textured Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley. But our favorite mind-blowing pairing has to be duck liver paté with a late-harvest Auslese Riesling from the Mosel Valley. The intensity of the pure fresh apricot and green apple skin fruit contrasted against the slightly gamey spiciness, deftly balancing the sweet and creamy – is just, well, pure decadence.

And have a great rest of your week,

Your Vinesse Wine Team

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