The Right Glass Can Make Drinking Wine More Fun


We will never qualify to appear on “Hoarders,” but we do have certain things we like to collect, including ornaments depicting characters from the comic strip “Peanuts” — Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the gang.

Hallmark has an ornament club that enables us to purchases all of the new Peanuts ornaments issued each year. Yes, we have already procured the 2019 series… and we’re barely into October.

Being members of the Hallmark ornament club also puts us on the general mailing list of that company, and in Monday’s email I received information on a series of Lolita wine glasses.

Again emphasizing that we are not hoarders, I must confess that we also collect wine glasses. This collection is limited strictly to glasses featuring the logos of wineries we have visited. We may not always purchase a case of wine when we visit a tasting room, but we’ll always buy a wine glass.

We just may change our policy when it comes to the wine glass collection, however, after viewing the Lolita collection being promoted by Hallmark.

It includes both stemmed and stemless glasses, some with faces, some with text, and all with bright, bold, delightful art.

The artwork on the “Super Bling Sugar Skulls” wine glass is so dense and detailed that one cannot accurately gauge the color of a wine within it.

But that’s the point. These are not glasses for assessing wine; these are glasses for enjoying wine. And they’re guaranteed to generate smiles at any party.

Making wine is a serious activity and business. Taking a serious approach is the only way to ensure quality in the barrel, in the bottle and, ultimately, in the glass.

Drinking wine also can be a serious endeavor, if that is your choice. I know I take wine and food pairing seriously when striving to “create” the “perfect” meal when dining out.

But in the great scheme of things, drinking wine should be fun. It should be one of the more enjoyable experiences we have as we make our way through life.

If that means drinking a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in a “Super Bling Sugar Skulls” glass or a “Taco Tuesday” hand-painted glass… why not?

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