What’s the haps with PET-NAT wines?!

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Sparkling By Nature?

vinesseHave you tried PET-NAT wines before? Have you heard of them before? If you’re like many wine drinkers, this might be a new phrase, so don’t worry, we’ll give you all of the details. Many are asking if PET-NAT wines are new and trendy or if they’re part of a reoccurring trend?

French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr coined the phrase, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” Recently, I found myself considering the question, “What tie width should I wear?” I must admit, I have both narrow and wide ties hanging in my closet due to the surprisingly short life cycle of fashion trends.

Petillant nature, abreviated as PET-NAT, is French for “naturally sparkling”. The naturally sparkling, PET-NAT style of wines have been gaining an audience with the growing group of wine and even beer drinkers that want to experience something artisanal and out of the ordinary. So fun, right?

PET-NAT wines have continued to remain a trendy item as new offerings in this category are continuing to pop up at many small winery venues. In general, sparkling wine production can be very capital intensive, and some wineries choose to not participate due to this. However, the increasing availability of PET-NAT wines is partially due to the fact that wineries are able to produce small batches while investing very little in new equipment. A real win-win, because who doesn’t love a sparkler?!

I find it fascinating that the methods used to make PET-NAT wines were derived from the centuries-old “ancestral method” of sparkling wine production. These early methods predate the invention of the neck tie and many consider ancestral method sparkling wine to be the original sparkling wine.

Lately, I have been enjoying PET-NAT Pinot Noir immensely and if you happen upon one, you should definitely try it. If you’ve ever had a PET-NAT sparkling wine, I’d love to hear about your favorite!

Mike Gwin, Wine Buyer

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