What I’m thankful for this year

Hello everyone, I hope your week was a safe and happy one. Here’s what we’re digesting in the Vinesse HQ this past week.

What I’m thankful for

vinesseAmong so many other things, I’m extraordinarily thankful for our business relationships, including you and all our customers. It’s truly amazing how many dedicated employees, customers, and vendors, along with their families, it takes to ship a great Vinesse wine to you. Without the full support of our business partners, none of this would possible. If you feel the same about those in your life that enable your success, why not make this the year you give the gift of wine? Vinesse has launched our Best Wine Gifts of 2019 Gift Guide just for you with just the right few options to make wine gifting easy this year. Did I mention you and your recipient also get a $25 gift card to Vinesse? Now is the time to start getting your orders in.

What we’ve been confronting

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by these fires. It’s been frightening. The Kincaid fire threatened wine country near Geyserville and half a dozen fires in the Los Angeles area including all around our office in Westlake Village have disrupted millions of lives over the last couple weeks. Some have lost so much. Many of our employees, customers, vendors, families and friends struggled with putting the basics of life and safety together between severe smoke, road closures, evacuations, and power outages. Our hopes are for a more peaceful November for California and our deepest gratitude goes to our firefighters who are simply the best in the world at what they do and the local news teams that risk so much to bring the necessary news to us.

What we’ve been toasting

vinesseAttending a wedding can really remind you of how important wine is to big celebrations in life. I watched a great friend and father of the bride deliver the toast of a lifetime. He stood in front of a room of his family, the groom’s family who traveled over a thousand miles to attend, and so many friends to deliver his truth among the people who matter most. I am thankful for the laughs and the tears. Whether it’s celebrating your daughter’s wedding or one of life’s other smaller moments, it’s so fitting to raise your glass in the air and acknowledge that this world can be a great one, that our lives can have great moments despite all our trials, and it’s all worth celebrating sometimes.

Thank you for reading and here’s to hopes for a peaceful holiday season,

Nick Perdiew
General Manager
Vinesse Wines


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