It’s Time to Begin Thinking About the Thanksgiving Meal


Thanksgiving is when we’re supposed to demonstrate gratitude for our blessings. It’s also a day seemingly designed for nostalgia.

Unfortunately, few families exist in a fairy tale, so even — or perhaps especially — on a day like Thanksgiving, there’s likely to be stress involved.

One way to eliminate some of that stress is to embrace the idea of “new.”

Make room for someone new at your table. (It may motivate some of those stress-inducing relatives to behave themselves.)

Mix up the menu. (In lieu of a holiday turkey or ham, try some other dish — perhaps an old family favorite.)

Uncork new types of wine. (While Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are go-to choices on Thanksgiving, don’t be afraid to try other varieties and/or blends. Especially if you’re going to put together something of a smorgasbord, it can be fun to try a number of wines.)

As we get a little closer to The Big Feed, we’ll zero in on some specific food-and-wine pairings that you may want to try — both tried-and-true, and perhaps brand new.

Meanwhile, as you begin to formulate the meal in your mind, be open to new possibilities. You may end up having a Thanksgiving for which you’ll be truly thankful.

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