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Clink Different!

What happens when two super European wine regions decide to get together for some uber-cool wine tastings? Some amazing wine conversation, of course! “Clink Different” is a new campaign formed for the co-promotion of the wines of Germany and Bordeaux. This past fall, our wine team had a chance to catch up with the Clink Different team to visit and taste with up and coming producers from the Mosel, Pfaltz and Bordeaux.


Burgundian varietals in Germany?

Most people know Riesling calls Germany home, where it clings to the steep hillsides over ancient rivers like the Mosel and Rheingau. But did you know that Burgundian varietals also call Germany home.

Going by the names of Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), Weissburgunder (Chardonnay) and Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir), these grapes thrive the rolling vineyards of warmer areas such as Ahr, Baden and Franken, or even the Rheinhessen, as pictured above. A new generation of winemakers are working with these grapes to produce a rich, round, dry style of wine that is taking the world by storm.

Cremant de Bordeaux

What’s In Our Glass

With the holiday season upon us – celebrations and festivities abound. One of our favorite wines to kick off or finish a meal with, is Cremant de Bordeaux. In France, when a sparkling wine (blanc or rose) is made via second fermentation in the bottle, the word “Cremant” can be used on the label. Our favorite as aperitif (with a baked brie, of course) are those made from a base of Semillon – where the tiny bubbles dance with flavors of toasty, baked apples. A delightful brunch companion is Cremant de Bordeaux Rose – where early harvested Merlot gives just a hint of color, fresh acidity, and a lovely fruity-berry roundness.

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