We’re all in for the holidays here at Vinesse

Hello Vinesse friends and family,

I hope that your holiday prepping and planning has been successful and that you’re ready for the next few days. Here’s what we’re working on over at the Vinesse HQ this past week.


The Holidays are Officially Here

Over at my home, our annual holiday decorating has commenced, and we know it’s official when we break out the holiday grapevine wreath. It’s rattling and striking against the door amidst the sweeping gusts of howling winds, which are a little atypical of mid to late- December, but we’re going with it. As I write, the wind in Southern California reminds me of an earlier time in my life when I worked outside farming grapes in some remote parts of California’s Central Coast wine region.


Harvest 2019 Update

Harvest is a very special time for all of us in the wine business, and those who love wine like you all, and I’m so excited to share that 2019 was another excellent year for wineries in California, including Vinesse. One of my favorite parts of winemaking is the entire cycle of the grape, from grape to glass, as it can be easy to forget about the tremendous amount of effort year-round that goes into farming wine to produce that delicious treat that we all enjoy in the glass.

Recently, I came across a USDA Cooperative Extensions resource that tackled the subject of the Annual Cycle of the Grapevine. Have you ever looked at a grape harvest report summary; in the Wine Department we try to stay current on what is happening in California and around the world as it relates to “all things wine.” Here’s a link to one of our faves!


Bubbles In My Glass

It’s almost New Years Eve, right?! It seems like my drink of choice as of late has been bubbles. I’ve been enjoying a glass of Champagne solo or with one of my very favorite appetizers, Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. I’m convinced that there is nothing better to serve with appetizers than Champagne, and why not start ringing in 2020 a little early?

Thanks for letting me share what is happening in my little corner of the wine universe; there’s no place I’d rather be.

Jingle Jingle Jingle & keep enjoying the good life,

Mike Gwin, Wine Buyer

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