Plan a Super Wine Party for Super Sunday


Yes, we are well past the major holidays for another year… but we have one more major party day to go.

Super Bowl Sunday.

Even if your team is no longer in the race for the most coveted prize in professional sports, chances are you’ll be tuning in on February 2 — if not to root for a specific team, then perhaps to see Jennifer Lopez and Shakira perform at half-time, or to take in the (mostly) clever commercials that will air during time-outs throughout the game.

If you’ve decided to host friends and/or family that day, just like the two teams involved, you need a game plan.

And the time to start planning is now, because the most important consideration is what types of wine you’ll want to have on hand.

That consideration links directly to the types of food you’ll be serving, and for an occasion such as this — a party as opposed to a formal, sit-down dinner — chances are you’ll be embracing lighter fare.

In other words, opt for appetizers over main courses, and choose a smorgasbord approach over a dinner table.

Then use the following checklist to help you prepare for the big day…

  1. Lighter dishes call for lighter wines, so have plenty of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Grigio and/or Chenin Blanc on hand.
  2. Plan on one bottle for each two guests. After the game, send home the unfinished bottles with guests. Just make sure they are tightly sealed and placed in car trunks.
  3. Finalize your menu. For each three or four people, have a different dish on hand. So if you’re hosting 20 people, figure on five or six dishes, including vegetarian or vegan selections. Most will match just fine with white wines.
  4. Three or four days before the game, purchase the ingredients you’ll need for the dishes. Don’t wait until the day before. Your local supermarket will be packed.
  5. So that you can have a good time on game day, do your prep work and cooking on the evening prior. Then all you’ll have to do is reheat on Super Bowl Sunday.
  6. Heat half of the dishes just before the game begins, then heat the other half while J-Lo and Shakira perform.

A little planning can go a long way toward everyone having a great time at your place on Super Bowl Sunday — including you.

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