5 Wine Ways to Spend Your Extra Day This Month


It happens only once every four years, so it is not something to be ignored or wasted.

And this year it occurs on a Saturday, which means the possibilities are endless for taking advantage of it.

So the question is: How are YOU going to spend your extra day this leap year? Have you made plans for this Saturday, February 29?

I’ve already been assigned a fairly lengthy “honey-do” list. Perhaps a few of my assignments will help you fill in those “idle hours” on Saturday…

  1. Re-organize the wine closet.

The Mrs. would prefer that all of our Cabernet Sauvignon bottles be on the same shelf, all of our Merlots on another, all of our Chardonnays on another, and so on.

(The next thing you know, she’ll want them arranged by vintage as well!)

  1. Clean out my bottom dresser drawer of wine-related brochures and pamphlets.

Apparently, wine country event calendars for 2007 are no longer of any usefulness.

  1. Organize our cupboard of wine glasses.

I have collected logo glasses from wineries I have visited for decades — long before this Mrs. came along — yet now she would like me to arrange them in alphabetical order. Something about being able to find one when we want it…

  1. Select a couple good bottles for the dinner we’re hosting next week.

(It is not clear whether I may do this at the same time I’m rearranging the wine closet…)

  1. Dust all of the bottles before I return them to the rack.

This may be where I draw the line. A dusty wine bottle is a sign of aging over an extended period of time… a symbol of wine evolving… an indication of patience on the part of its caretaker.

(I just don’t care to take the suggestion of the Mrs. that it’s a sign of laziness…)

Whether you have a honey-do list… or are the one assigning the honey-do list, I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy an extra bottle of wine on the extra day of the year this Saturday.

After all, if you don’t, you’ll have to wait until 2024 for the next opportunity.

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