5 Ways to Keep Busy With Wine This Weekend

adult-beautiful-blur-close-up-374809A great way to defeat cabin fever is to keep busy.

Here are five ways to stay engaged with wine — in-between sips — this weekend…

  1. Organize your wine collection.

Whether you have a shelf, a cupboard, a rack, a closet or a cooler, we need to be able to access that special bottle of wine when we need it or want it.

There are many ways to organize a wine collection — from as simple as separating the reds from the whites, to as complicated as grouping each varietal by type and vintage.

  1. Have a wine dinner.

You don’t have to pay $100 or more to enjoy a wine dinner at a fancy restaurant. Plan your own, using recipes from a favorite cookbook and wines from your (newly organized) wine collection.

  1. Make a cork board.

Do you save the cork when you open a bottle of wine? Do you have some creative flair?

Make a cork board that you can use for posting shopping lists and family to-do lists. Or make a cork wreath for your front door — or the door of your (newly organized) wine closet.

  1. Read a wine book.

You can find dozens and dozens of wine-related books on Amazon. The topics they cover are nearly as numerous. From educational to purely entertaining, there’s a book that will help you appreciate your favorite adult beverage even more.

  1. Plan your next wine country vacation.

This is a great time to zero in on which wine region you’d like to visit and start identifying specific wineries, restaurants and hotels may be of interest.

From the numerous wine-growing areas of California to the historic appellations of Europe, wine estate proprietors around the world provide unique cuvees and unique experiences.

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