Have You Hugged A Tree Lately?

Hello Vinesse Friends,

So much has changed since I last corresponded with all of you via these “3 Thing” dispatches, it makes my head spin. But amidst all this societal chaos, we carry on and adapt.


1. Scrambling to Adapt in a Covid 19 World:

On a typical day, our offices here in California are a beehive of activity generated by our teams of wine buyers, customer service specialists, and all the other employees that work to keep the wine flowing, so to speak.

These days, this is what our conference room at headquarters looks like – dark and empty.

Like other companies and many of you, when social distancing mandates hit, we quickly had to adapt to working 100% remotely. Fortunately, with relatively few hiccups, we adapted our essential business to comply with the orders of our elected officials and keep our employees safe by allowing them to work from home.

We are grateful that we have been able to remain open during these trying times and are especially grateful to each of you. We know that we are unable to be as responsive as usual (especially by phone) and shipments may take a big longer than usual due to the significantly higher volume of home shipments of all kinds, but we are very appreciative of how understanding each of you have been as we have adapted to “the new abnormal.”

american forests

2. Have You Hugged A Tree Lately?

It’s Earth Month 2020, so take a deep breath and thank a tree. Here are some statistics from our friends at American Forests:

  • Each year a single tree can capture 3.5 pounds of air pollutants – including ozone, dust and particulate matter that cause asthma and other respiratory problems. By cleaning the air, trees help keep us healthy.
  • Trees also capture 15 percent of U.S. carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels.

That’s why Vinesse continues to partner with American Forests. Together, we’re helping to reforest America.

3. This Too Shall Pass – and Napa and Sonoma will be ready for your visit.

I am often surprised by how many of my wine drinking friends refer to every wine region north of San Francisco as “Napa” – even if they are planning to visit Sonoma. I understand, it’s sort of like referring to all bathroom tissues as Kleenex.

It doesn’t make it easier than both Napa and Sonoma can refer to a city, wine region and county. But this article should help you sort it all out.

Speaking of wine country: we really feel for our friends operating small and medium-sized wineries here in California. They rely greatly on wine tourism, and the closure of their tasting room businesses have left an economic bruise. But winemakers are accustomed to facing adversity. Be it wildfires, the whims of Mother Nature, or a pandemic. They are a resilient lot, and Vinesse will do our part to help them emerge stronger from this crisis.

From our family at Vinesse to yours, we send our best wishes for good wine, and more importantly, good health.

Larry Dutra, President, Vinesse Wines

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