Wine Bottle Recycling Picks Up Steam in Europe

glass-bottles-in-bag-3735218What do you do with the bottle once you’ve drained the last few drops of wine out of it?

Some people make cool art objects such as candles or flower vases. But for those of us who are lacking in artistic skills, disposal is the more likely option.

Hopefully, you find a way to recycle your bottles, whether it involves taking them to a local recycling location or simply placing them in your home recycling bin.

In Europe, an ambitious goal of 90% glass recycling has been established, and the European wine industry is joining in the effort.

The Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins, which represents much of that industry, has become part on an initiative of the Circular Economy Platform for Glass Collection & Recycling, which has set that lofty goal of collecting and recycling 90% of all glass packaging sold in the European Union.

There already are numerous European wine associations and non-affiliated wine companies on board. The key will be getting wine drinkers to also buy in, and organizers believe the goal can be achieved.

Continental Europe already has the highest recycling rates in the world, and this new effort to get more wine bottles recycled will only help in that regard.

It’s good for the climate and, let’s face it, one can make only so many wine bottle candles.

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