Spend Your Staycation Preparing for Your Next Wine Country Vacation


Normally, many of us would be getting ready for a long weekend, perhaps with a trip to wine country on the agenda.

But these are not normal times, a fact underscored by the big headline on the cover of the June 15 and 30 edition of Wine Spectator: “Napa & Sonoma: When Can We Return?

Of course, the answer to that question is completely out of the hands of winery owners. One thing we know for sure: They will be ready when the time comes.

Until then, I’d much prefer to put the negative thoughts aside and instead concentrate on the positive — which means focusing on the future.

With that in mind, I was drawn to two of the cover stories in the 25th anniversary issue of Touring & Tasting magazine: “Top 25 Ways to Enjoy Touring and Tasting,” and “25 Years of Wine Tourism.”

vineyard-across-mountains-2836735_resizedThose stories are jam-packed with ideas to help us plan our next wine country journey — whether it’s in the Napa Valley, Sonoma County or some other region where the wine grape reigns supreme.

If you’d prefer to have someone else do the planning, there’s also information on Touring & Tasting’s Wine Country Tours. Once you’ve had your curiosity piqued, you’ll want to visit the magazine’s website and learn more about its premier tour services. Simply click here: https://www.touringandtasting.com/Wine-Country-Tours

This weekend, fire up the grill or put your cooking talents to work in the kitchen, and enjoy those steaks, burgers or other culinary delights with a good bottle of wine. Make it a staycation to remember.

And also spend some time preparing for your next wine country vacation. Trust me, the simple process of researching and planning will provide a nice escape — and it will help you be ready to go when the time comes.

A time made possible, let us never forget, by the men and women who have served in our military and protected our country. Please remember to raise a toast of gratitude to them this Memorial Day weekend.

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