Wine Service With a Friendly Robotic Touch

My earliest memories of robots are Rosie the Robot on “The Jetsons” and the robot on “Lost in Space” whose iconic (and recurring) line was, “Danger, Will Robinson!”

For others, robot faves might be R2-D2 of “Star Wars” fame… HAL from “2001: A Space Odyssey”… WALL-E from the movie of the same name… or Megatron from “Transformers.” Perhaps your favorite appears on this list ( of “The 50 Greatest Robots in Pop Culture History.”

But because of where we are right now, we wine lovers may have a new favorite robot the next time we visit wine country — specifically, California’s Sonoma County wine country.

The Hotel Trio ( in Healdsburg is home to a “social-distancing robot ambassador” named not Rosie, but Rosé. Clever, right?

Prior to the pandemic, Rosé’s primary purpose was to entertain the hotel’s guests. Now, however, she is serving a valuable purpose for guests who prefer contactless service.

Hotel Trio offers a local shopping service, so Rosé can provide room deliveries for everything from groceries to fresh towels, and from pillows to, yes, wine.

A Marriott property, Hotel Trio is located on Dry Creek Road in the heart of the Dry Creek Valley, where some of California’s top Zinfandel wines are crafted. More than a hundred wineries and world-class restaurants are within an easy drive, and most are open (with reservations suggested).

You may not be served by a robot at those wineries and restaurants, but there’s still something to be said for human interaction — practiced safely, of course.

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