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Most days the subject lines in my email in-box are pretty mundane…

“There’s still time to serve 35%…”

“We’ve moved!”

“Appointment reminder.”

Or my favorite of all: “(no subject).”

But every so often, there will be a day when a couple of subject lines jump out from the rest. Today was one of those days.

The first email was from Starbucks, and the subject line read: “We’re in a pumpkin state of mind.”

The second was from a wonderful restaurant in Orange County, California, called Spaghettini. It read: Wine and Music with Eric Marienthal and Mindi Abair.”

I was busy, but those were two emails I had to read immediately — even though I pretty much knew what I’d find in the first one.

Yes, two of Starbucks’ signature drunks of autumn are back: the original Pumpkin Spice Latte, and the semi-new Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew.

And while those drinks are great pick-me-ups in the morning, we’ll soon be dealing with the annual conundrum of what kind of wine to serve with the pumpkin dishes of fall.

Here are a few ideas:

We’ll have some more ideas as “pumpkin pie season” gets into full swing, but it was nice to have the thought planted in the ol’ noggin’ via the Starbucks email.

Then there was the email from Spaghettini. Its special evening with sax sensations Marienthal and Abair is set for September 28, and in addition to a 90-minute concert, guests can enjoy a special wine tasting hosted by Abair and Spaghettini’s full menu.

Of course, all aspects of the evening will be properly social-distanced, which is why seating is so limited. So many people have been missing live music because of the pandemic that we suspect the “Special Night of Music and Wine Tasting” will sell out quickly.

It’s a positive sign that things may slowly be returning to some semblance of “normal” — and it made me happy that I had the time and took the time to open that email.

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