Open a Red and a White for a Salumi Soiree

Having friends over for a casual get-together? Not sure what to serve?

The antipasto platter to the rescue!

It offers everything that anyone could want. It’s sweet. It’s salty. And it looks as if it took forever to prepare.

We’ll keep the fact that it’s actually quite simple between us, okay?

Here are the ingredients for a perfect party…

1. Salumi.

Select a few varieties of thinly sliced cured meats such as prosciutto or sopressata — and don’t scrimp on the prosciutto. Your guests will devour it.

2. Cheese.

Make it a mix of soft cheeses and aged cheeses — whatever you like best. About 3 ounces per guest should do the trick, and we suggest pre-cutting them for the convenience of your guests. The nice thing about cheese is that if you have leftovers, it can go right back in your refrigerator.

3. Sweets.

On a separate plate, drizzle some honey and place a few sweet spreads. Alongside, place some figs.

4. Fruits and veggies.

Preserved vegetables such as olives and eggplant make a tasty addition to the menu, as do grapes and slices of apples and pears.

5. Bread.

Crusty French bread is always a good choice. Ditto for breadsticks. And be sure to have some olive oil and butter available on the side.

Those are the basics. The way you make the presentation your own is how you display the various ingredients, whether on plates, in ramekins, or on platters.

Then for the piece de resistance, open a couple bottles of wine — one red and one white. Select bottlings that are not over-oaked. Fruity flavors are better for complementing the multiple flavors found on the platters… on the plates… and in the ramekins.

A salumi soiree is a great format for a fun gathering. And best of all, your guests will think you worked for hours preparing it.

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