Finding Reasons to Be Thankful… and to Raise a Toast

All too often, we lose sight of the meaning behind the holidays we celebrate.

Veterans Day and Memorial Day, for example, should be about more than backyard barbecues and three-day weekends. Depending on your beliefs, Easter should be about more than the Easter Bunny and a Halloween-like haul of candy.

And Thanksgiving certainly should be about more than four-day weekends and all-you-can-eat feasts.

Of course, what sets Thanksgiving apart from those other holidays is the expectation of that food free-for-all and the opportunity it provides to do some creative wine pairing.

This year certainly has challenged the concept of thankfulness. But in years like this, more than “normal” ones, it’s important to focus on the good things in life, and not allow the negatives to overwhelm us.

If working more from home has also meant doing more cooking — since, for instance, you’re able to keep an eye on that slow cooker as it works its magic — perhaps you’re thankful for enjoying a number of memorable meals that were heightened by stellar wines from Vinesse.

Or perhaps you’ve finally been able to catch up on some reading. One friend spent several evenings reading the biography of his favorite blues musician, Robert Johnson, while listening to Johnson’s recordings and sipping his favorite red wine.

More than ever, we have reason to be thankful for the simple things — a plate of cheese wedges and crackers with a glass of Chardonnay… a grilled burger smothered in melted aged cheddar with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon… a dish of homemade crème brulee with a glass of Moscato.

For many people, this has been an exceedingly challenging year, one in which the blessings may not be obvious. On this Thanksgiving, we hope you are able to celebrate in whatever manner you wish, within your own comfort level, as we look forward to less “eventful” days ahead.

Now, go wash down that turkey, ham, prime rib or plant-based main course with a good glass of wine.

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