How to Host a Holiday Wine Gathering for Every Palate

This picture, taken at the Uhler winery in the Niederösterreich region of Austria along the Rhine River, serves as a visual reminder of how best to enjoy a flight of wines.

This knowledge comes in particularly handy during the holiday season when you may be opening multiple bottles to complement multiple types of dishes, or to satisfy the palates of various family members.

Even if your holiday gatherings are smaller this year, the opportunity to open and showcase an array of wines is limited not by attendance, but rather by the food menu you decide to execute.

From left to right, the Uhler lineup shown includes a light rosé-style wine, three types of dry white wine, and one dry red.

Most people, including those who don’t drink wine frequently, will enjoy a glass of rosé. Quite a few also will embrace the white wines you decide to open up. A smaller percentage is likely to savor a red, but if there are avid wine drinkers in attendance, you may want to “equalize” the number of reds and whites.

Part of hosting a successful gathering that includes wine involves knowing your audience. If you’re not absolutely sure about each person’s preferences, there’s no harm in asking.

As an example, when you send out your invitations and request an RSVP, in addition to inquiring about food allergies, also ask about wine preferences.

Wine flights can be part of a formal sit-down dinner with each wine paired to a specific course. Or they can simply be placed on a table with glasses for a self-serve experience.

Either way, the more choices you offer, the better your chances of satisfying every palate and having an enjoyable, memorable gathering for everyone.

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