Wine-and-Food Pairings for a Long Football Weekend

For the first time in National Football League history, the league will stage a six-game “Super Wild Card Weekend,” with three playoff games on Saturday and three more on Sunday.

That’s television nirvana for a football fan, and quite a tall order for anyone tasked with feeding that fan.

The good news is that Bordeaux can replace Budweiser as the official beverage of football couch potatoes — especially when it, or others types of wine, are paired with some good food.

Even better news: You don’t need to switch up the football fare. Wine can be paired with virtually any dish you’re planning to serve this weekend.

A few examples:

* Buffalo wings — With these spicy treats, you’ll need a dry sparkling wine to help put out the fire.

* Lemon-pepper wings — Sauvignon Blanc.

* Honey barbecue wings — Zinfandel or a Grenache-Syrah-Mourvedre blend.

* Pepperoni pizza — Zinfandel.

* Pizza with the works — A dry rosé-style wine, slightly chilled.

* A mix of assorted nuts, pretzels and Chex cereal — A dry sparkling wine.

* Tacos al Pastor — Syrah.

* French onion dip and crackers (avoid salty chips) — Chardonnay, slightly chilled.

* Cheddar-cheese-filled sliders — Merlot.

* Potato skins with melted cheddar, sour cream, bacon bits and chives — Dry Riesling, slightly chilled.

* Sloppy Joes — A Cotes du Rhone red cuvee, or a Portuguese red blend.

* Grilled cheese sandwiches — If the sandwich is made with cheddar cheese, opt for Cabernet Sauvignon. If it’s made with American cheese, try Chenin Blanc, slightly chilled.

* Hot dogs with mustard and onions — Pinot Noir, especially one from California’s Sonoma Coast or Russian River Valley area.

So… are you ready for some football… and wine?

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