Make Your Wine Plans Now for Valentine’s Day

Check the calendar. Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it… and it’s going to be a little different this year.

Valentine’s Day normally is one of the year’s busiest restaurant days. But depending on where you live, seating may be limited and reservations may be at a premium.

If there’s a Significant Other in your life, this may be the year for a DIY, stay-at-home Valentine’s Day celebration.

The good news: It need not be a daunting task.

For one thing, many restaurants — including the kind that host romantic Valentine’s Day dinners — are now offering delivery and/or curbside pick-up. So as long as you do a little advance planning, the food is covered.

What else needs to be taken care of?

Flowers. Check.

Chocolates. Check.

A romantic greeting card. Check.

And that leaves the wine. Many have debated over which type of wine is the most romantic.

Some say it’s a good bottle of sparkling wine. After all, Champagne and other types of bubbly are thought of as the wine of celebration.

Others opt for a nice Italian red — a Chianti or other Sangiovese-based wine — because, after all, who knows more about amore than the Italians?

Another popular choice is a light rosé-style wine. It makes a romantic impression simply by sitting in a glass.

Another go-to choice is a sweet wine, such as Port, late-harvest elixirs of various types, and even some sparkling wines.

But if you really want to make an impression in the romance department, opt for your Significant Other’s favorite type of wine — whether it’s sparkling, Italian, a rosé, sweet or some other style. Knowing your S.O.’s favorite type of wine, and making the effort to have a bottle on hand for Valentine’s Day, is a very romantic statement.

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