What’s Happening in the Vineyards as Wine Country Events Return

California wine country is opening back up, just in time for the summer crowds — which some are saying could be record-breaking.

If you’re planning a trip, and will be passing through San Francisco en route, consider taking a detour to Alameda, where Dashe Cellars has an “urban winery.” There, you can soak in views of the bay and passing sailboats while you sip wine and nosh on some of the best food truck fare around. For the upcoming truck schedule, take a look here.

Winesong, the most anticipated wine event on the Mendocino coast, will return in September with a hybrid in-person and virtual format. Learn more here. And to read about why we love Winesong so much, take a look here.

Yes, slowly but surely, California wine country is returning to some semblance of normal, and the experiences we once took for granted at the wine estates are finding their way back on the calendar.

Meanwhile, out in the vineyards, the arrival of June coincides with the grandest period of growth and fruiting as tiny, mildly fragrant flowers appear on the vines around mid-month.

For young vines, the trellis is established. For mature vines, in most cases, vigorous growth is tucked up onto the high vertical trellis.

At this point in the growing season, the grapes are small, hard, low in sugar and high in acid. With bloom completed and small berries developing, the vineyard managers and winemakers are able to evaluate fruit set and estimate the size of the upcoming harvest.

Experienced growers and vintners also have a pretty good idea of when the harvest will begin for the various grape varieties. About the only unknown with the arrival of June is the quality of the harvest.

Good farming will have an impact, of course, but the great uncontrollable factor is the weather. As always, the farmers’ eyes will become ever more watchful as the projected harvest date approaches.

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