Plan a Trip to an Emerging Wine Region: Mendoza

It’s human nature to want to learn more about the things we love.

That’s why sports fans purchase biographies about their favorite players. It’s why coin collectors keep track of coin shows and auctions.

And it’s why wine lovers plan trips to “wine country.”

For domestic travelers, California’s Napa Valley and Sonoma County are like adult versions of Disney World.

For international travelers, the wine destinations may include any number of regions in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

In recent years, another destination has gained popularity among global wine fans, thanks to the world-class Malbec being made there: Argentina’s wine capital of Mendoza.

If you enjoy visiting wine country during the harvest season, keep in mind that this occurs from February through April in the Southern Hemisphere. That’s when a number of festivities take place as wineries provide guests with immersive experiences.

For instance, at Cavas Wine Lodge, visitors are invited to pick grapes from designated vines, and also to enjoy wines that are made in such small quantities that they are served only on the estate.

Looking for a little more luxury? Plan a visit to Entre Cielos Luxury Wine Hotel and Spa, where guests may choose views of the vineyards or the Andes, enjoy the regional flavors of Mendoza with an international twist at Katharina Bistro, spoil themselves at a spa and hamam, and sip lots of wine.

We know that Argentina in general and Mendoza in particular are known for meat. But the “new” Mendoza also provides options for vegetarians, such as El Mercadito Friendly & Fresh.

And we can speak from experience that Argentine Malbec pairs beautifully with a veggie burger.

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