6 Tips for Cleaning Wine Glasses… Without Shattering Them

Some people purchase logo glasses at their favorite wineries and call it a day.

Others invest in glassware of varying sizes and shapes.

Some go the extra mile and purchase glasses made of crystal, as opposed to plastic.

Nothing is more disheartening than the sound of a favorite wine glass hitting a hard kitchen floor and shattering into a hundred pieces… unless it’s several glasses breaking at the same time.

That has happened at the Johnson house — on the same day that we lost several glass Christmas ornaments. It was enough to make us rethink our decision to restrict carpeting to our bedrooms — but not enough to prompt us to do anything about it.

Hey, accidents happen, and there’s not much you can do about them. That said, accidents also can be prevented — particularly when washing your glassware.

Here are six tips for getting your wine glasses squeaky clean… without breaking them…

1. Carry one glass per hand at a time.

Even if you have big hands, you’re just asking for trouble when you try to transport multiple glasses. And do not use a tray. Filled wine glasses are top-heavy, and the typical laws of gravity just don’t seem to apply. One old saying does apply, however: Haste makes waste.

2. Store the glasses upright, not upside down.

The rim of the glass is much more prone to chipping than the base, so use the base as it was intended.

3. When washing the glass, do not hold it by the stem.

Instead, hold it by the bowl in one hand, and place it under warm or hot running water.

4. Avoid using harsh detergents.

As long as you don’t allow the glass to sit unwashed overnight, water is all you need to get the glass clean.

5. When drying the glass, again hold it by the bowl, not the stem.

Cradle the glass in one hand with a clean towel, and then use a second towel for the inside. Dry the outside and the inside simultaneously with a simple circular motion.

6. Store the glasses in a cabinet away from the kitchen.

Glassware can pick up the odors of food, and the only thing you want to smell in that wine glass is wine.

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