All I Want for Christmas…

Yes, it’s the season of giving. But who among us doesn’t like to receive as well?

For my wine friends who, ahem, have not completed their holiday shopping, allow me to provide some assistance with this cheat sheet…

* Marble Wine Valet.

In this case, “valet” is a fancy name for a coaster with raised sides. It’s an attractive way to “stage” your wine on the dinner table, and really makes an impression with a bottle of red wine.

* Automatic Electric Corkscrew.

Aikaro has developed a wine bottle opener that pulls out a cork from the wine bottle and then ejects it automatically. It’s safe when properly used and transforms extracting a cork from a hassle into a pleasure.

Bonus: If you happen to be dealing with an old, dry cork and the corks breaks, you can blame it on the device!

* A copy of the 8th edition of “The World Atlas of Wine.

Just like a globe made in 1970 is now out of date in so many ways, Hugh Johnson’s original “Atlas” has become like a fold-out map in a GPS world. The wine world is ever expanding, and this latest update includes, among other additions, all the official wine regions of Chile — now one of the world’s most important wine-producing countries.

* A wine gift basket.

It’s always nice for a wine lover to receive a bottle of wine for a special occasion such as Christmas. It’s even nicer when that bottle comes in a basket filled with other goodies such as crackers, cheese, nuts, gourmet olives and so on.

Okay, friends. No excuses.

And for everyone else, all of us at Vinesse hope you have a wonderful holiday, and that Santa is good to you this Saturday.

You’ve been good this year, right?

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