Vinous Quotes: They Said It and We Comment

Many famous people — from actors to composers to vintners — have made an observation or two about wine through the years.

Let’s share a few wine-focused quotes from famous people… followed by a comment from your resident Vinesse blogger…

* “Never, never trust anyone who asks for white wine. It means they’re phonies.” — Bette Davis

Comment: Or it could just mean that they prefer Chardonnay over Cabernet.

* Wine has been a part of civilized life for some seven thousand years. It is the only beverage that feeds the body, soul and spirit of man and at the same time stimulates the mind.”

Robert Mondavi

Comment: Nobody was a better cheerleader for and promoter of California wine than Mondavi, one of the pioneers who helped put Napa Valley on the map. In the interest of living a civilized life, let’s raise a glass to him.

* “Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.” — Michael Broadbent

Comment: There’s that word again — civilized. Guess we’d better watch our Ps and Qs…

* A waltz and a glass of wine can invite an encore.” — Johann Strauss

Comment: We’re not sure whether Strauss was thinking about another tune or another glass of wine when he made that observation. But if he’s the composer, we’ll gladly accept both.

* Invariably, a restaurant with a large, pretentious wine list has a large and pretentious staff.” — Kevin Barron

Comment: Actually, we have not found this to be true. Most restaurants with great wine lists are staffed by people who are true wine enthusiasts and want to help you select the best bottle to accompany your meal. Yes, there are exceptions, but they are few and far between.

* Good wines cannot be made from poor grapes.” — William E. Masse

Comment: About that, I think we can all agree. Countless winemakers have told us that all great wines begin in the vineyard. You may be able to make lemonade out of lemons, but you can’t make good wine out of grapes that, for whatever reason, did not ripen fully.

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